Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week in weather

This week has been a roller coaster for the weather.  We have been to Spring, Summer and currently cold winter conditions.  I have been watching this temperature departure for over a month now.  Ever week it would show up on the models but would not materialize.  Well it has finally shown up and hopefully we will stay in the upper levels of the cold low thirties and don't see much lower.  If it gets much lower we may  lose flowers on  many flowering trees and shrubs.  Lower temps will damage new growth as well.  We really do not need to see conditions like we saw in the spring of 2007 where temps were in the lower 20's.  That year damage was seen on a whole group of plants oaks, flowering trees etc... 

Looking ahead here is the forecast for the week ahead

The omission here on this forecast is SNOW possible this afternoon most will stay off the roadways but could have accumulation on grassy areas.  Possible a inch. This snow is suppose to stay to the North of I-64 and should not bother our area.  Not good if you are a tender flower.  The 8-15 day out look looks to be cool below seasonal temps with temps increasing gradually as we get into the 7-10th day outlook and increased to normal rainfall chances.

This graph represents the overall temps for this coming week.

Below is a graph from my weather station that shows the steady temperatures we have been experiencing for the last several days.  Temps have held in this location for sometime not much above the mid 40's for a while.  You will also notice the green line that is the windchill.  This also shows how wind can really affect temperatures on the surface. 

Temperatures and wind chill for 3-26-11.

Wind has been active all night and gust in the 20's

I have added a Live Video stream to the Plant Links Website you can find it on the Les's Plant Links at the bottom it (click on the red area and it will take you to the live feed) views the bird/squirrel feeder during the day and South Park at night.  Or you can go directly to Les's Live Landscape Cam and view it directly.  Great if you can't get out of bed.  Working on figuring how to view it mobile.

Here are some still shots of the web cam.

Thanks to for forecast graphic and video and Cumulus for station graphics.
Will up date as time allows. Thanks Les

Click for Calvert City, Kentucky Forecast

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