Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas outlook

White Christmas Outlook
Christmas snow chances historically have been in the  5-25% range of seeing a White Christmas,depends on  where you live in the area, this information according to National Weather Service data .

  So how's it looking for a white Christmas, depends on the model you look at and I have been looking at them for the last few weeks there is a chance a little white stuff on Christmas.  It is still a way off for exactly how things will play out.  This one could be big one or it could be just small flurries.  Now what do I mean?  Depends on when the precipitation and temperature come together will determine what we will get.  If you remember the one in 2004 was not forecasted to be as severe either.  Things can change quickly if all the elements come together, moisture, temperature and wind.

This Model below has changed back and forth the last couple of weeks on precipitation have to see how it plays out in the next few days.

Below are the model temperatures going on at the same time. The temps start above freezing and then go down.

Time will tell will re post something in the next few days.

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