Saturday, April 23, 2011

Historical Flooding Predicted

As in my prior blog here comes the rain,  A little different but as I stated it gives you a good idea of what is coming.  The rain coming today thru Wednesday looks bad.  We have received 7.30 " from the 11th to currently  for here in Calvert City.  If we add the projected 10.1" for 5 days it is going to be unreal.  

Here is the 1-5 day cumulative forecast for precipitation.

This amount is just crazy but expected to be close to predited amounts.  If you live near a creek, river or low lying area that gets high during heavy rain,  make plans now and be ready to go with it.  This is going to be a problem for all cities and towns along the Ohio, Missippippi, lower Tennesse and Cumberland rivers. 

Forecast for the week

I was going to put in some model maps for after Thursday but its too depressing.  I 'll add that next Friday and Saturday look good and I just won't mention  Sunday or Monday, email me if you must have it. 

Click for Calvert City, Kentucky Forecast

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