Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time To Prepare

OK, I DO want to excite you into action.  The next few days are going to be scary for the area.  A elevated state for tornadoes, high chance for thunderstorms and epic rain amounts are forecast everything but snow.  Below is from the National Weather Service in Paducah for conditions coming up.

Quad State Outlook

Sunday Night

Heavy RainHigh
River FloodingElevated
Thunderstorm WindsElevated


Heavy RainHigh
River FloodingHigh
Thunderstorm WindsHigh
Click for risk level information.

Rainfall amounts will continue to be persistent though Tuesday and Wednesday.  Below is a graph from the NWS in Paducah 

You can see that large quantities in the 5 day outlook and sure enough there will be pockets of greater amounts and hopefully lesser amounts but I would not bet on it.

Below is radar at around 7:30 PM Sunday, see that big blob of rain in the four corners of OK, MO, AR, and KS is headed this way and it is huge and may be mad when it gets here and cause us worry and misery.

Video from NWS via  KFVS

Remember turn around do not drown, have a plan of action to go in severe storms,  links for area meteorologists.!/kfvsjohndissauer!/jimrasorWSIL!/ljetton

Recap large rain amount tomorrow and Tuesday and into lesser amounts into Wednesday.  Severe weather plans ready to go into action.  Prayers for all during this stressful time.  He will not put more on you than you can handle.  Keep a eye to the sky and don't drive though flooded roadways.  Will give updates on Face book at Les's Weather Link's and follow on Twitter at Plantit2.  Good night see you in the morning.

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